Upcoming Litters

Zova and Nigel

Anticipated DOB 9/28/19
Anticipated date of availability November 28, 2019 Thanksgiving Puppies

Zova and Nigel are expecting a litter that will include all colors, if nature does what statistics tell it to do.

Zova is a beautiful Tricolor Mommy, full of love, enjoys playing and exploring the yard, is kind and nurturing to everyone, and just a little princess. We love her so much.Her personality will just melt your heart and put a smile on your face. We are so excited for Zova and her forever guardian family as we all anticipate beautiful babies!

Millie and Echo

Anticipated DOB 10/26/19
Anticipated date of availability December 23, 2019 Christmas Puppies

Millie and Echo are expecting a litter of black and tans and ruby solids. We are so excited for Millie. She is a 6th generation mommy, and her lines are impeccably clean and healthy. The mommies before her have always produced beautiful babies since we acquired this line over 15 years ago. This will be Millies first litter and we are so excited for her and her forever guardian family!!

Freya and Griffen

Anticipated DOB 11/05/19
Anticipated date of availability January 5,2020 New Year Puppies

Freya and Griffen are expecting a litter of Tricolors and Blenheims. We are very excited for Freya and her Guardian family!! We will keep you updated as things progress.