Adoption Pricing

$4000 – $5500

Breed, Structure, Gender, Genetics, Pedigree, Health, and Overall Quality of each puppy determines the asking price.

Deposit Amount


Deposit is required to reserve and waitlist for a future puppy. If after 6 months, we have been unsuccessful in producing a puppy to your satisfaction, you may request and receive a full refund.  

Personal Hand Delivery via Puppy Attendant: Pricing

$700 +  

Our Private, Professional, Puppy Attendant will fly with your puppy in arms, meet you at the airport, and ensure a stress free and safe delivery of your new baby. Prices start at $700. Prices are based on actual flight costs, location of your airport, total round trip travel time, if we are flying on a Holiday, and any other special services that you may request. Both your Puppy Attendant and Puppy will have a confirmed seat and ticket for their flight. You get to choose when your puppy comes to you. 

You pick up and we meet you at the airport


If your preference is to pick up your puppy, one of our puppy attendants will meet you at the SLC airport to give you your precious cargo. Your puppy will be in a comfortable, new, soft sided carrier and have all the supplies necessary to ensure a comfortable and stress free return flight. We do ask that you bring your own leash, collar and harness.