Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder

 Welcome to Cradle of Love Cavaliers, Cavapoos and Cavachons (via our designer, hypoallergenic breeds at

Hi. We are Sharon and Carlene, professional breeders, with over 20 years breeding experience. We specialize in service dog and emotional support animal placements. Our focus is on healthy, ethical breeding, and producing top tier puppies of excellence.

Cradle of Love Cavaliers continues to raise the finest Cavalier puppies. We have branched out via Cavachon Love, a sister company, breeding Cavapoos and Cavachons at the same standard of excellence. This expansion allows us to offer a hypoallergenic, Cavalier based, selection of designer puppies.

We take great pride in our standard of breeding excellence. Decades of experience, careful parent selection, planning, attention to details, and the utilization of the latest advances in genetics and veterinarian sciences is at the core of our success. Our dogs are testimonials to this through their health, structure, markings, coloring, silky coats, temperament, and intelligence.

We are kind and approachable breeders. It is our mission ensure each adoption is personalized, receiving the individual attention necessary, ensuring successful family and puppy matches.

Many clients inquire about our breeding parents and where they live? It is an impossible for us to house each dog we own and provide the love and attention they require. We lovingly and  mindfully match each potential breeding parent in the best guardian home, with the most qualified and loving foster families. In doing so,  each of our dogs has a forever family where their physical, emotional and social needs are met. Happy and healthy parents make happy and healthy puppies!

If you are interested in getting a Cavalier King Charles, a Cavapoo, or a Cavachon we can provide you with the best. For more information on adopting and waitlisting for a puppy, please contact us. We are available Monday-Friday 9-5. Feel free to leave a message or text us anytime about Cavalier, Cavapoo, and Cavachon pups. If after hours, we will do our best to answer you as soon as we are able. We do take Sunday off to rest and spend time with our families.